Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Epic, epic fail

Having a really tough time with A around - can't get away with anything!!!! Freaking me out! Have completely failed at 30 hr fast, fucking, fucking food!  Why does she watch me so???  I can't stand it!  I hate myself. Feel so horrible and undeserving and FAT. Going to try and make myself feel better by eating a packet of laxies now :( *sigh*


  1. Ditto... to everything...
    my husband's still not home from work (3hrs late and counting...) I'm freaking out and I ate.. fucking emotional eating. How did I think that was going to help?!?! *bashes head again the wall*
    Can we start again?

  2. laxies are my savior <3 i hope your ok and that you feel better in the morning, tomorrow is a new day,a new start


  3. I am trying to end my love affair with laxes. try to keep your chin up darlin', you beautiful girl :) xxxxxxx