Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're next, chubby!

Fast is not going well.  Not well at all. Whether it's just that my metabolism has slowed down or because my calorie intake has been too high despite my best efforts, the scales showed a 2kg increase this morning! I feel so disappointed - I've been so good not consuming, keeping up with the exercise and watching how many calories I put in, and the fat fairy has just taken a big shit on my head.  What a freakin bitch.

I capitulated and had a medium skinny cap this morning, feeling sorry for myself is definitely playing with fire. However, I'm working today, so that makes it easier to not eat.  I've also got a session with my consellor tonight, so that means no temptation to eat at dinner time.

It totally sux - 2kg?? Come on!

Never mind... I'm going to stick with it.  I'm thinking that whilst in Melbourne, I'll just avoid eatring with the others as much as possible - so I can say I got something already... blah blah blah.

So despondant.  Oh ana - wherefore art thou?


  1. Hey Sassie! I love that a few posts down you have a Jabberwocky quote.

    I noticed you were following me but your info doesn't link back to this blog, I think you have to add the URL to your follower icon. I can't remember how to do it though, but I think there's an option there somewhere. I found your link on a comment on Adeline's page.

    Lots of love, don't worry about the gain. Sometimes scales are just bastards like that!


  2. Don't worry about the gain just stick with it and you'll get the results you want. Keep us update :) x