Sunday, August 29, 2010

*Nil by mouth.

Day one of four day fast!  After the weekend I've had, it couldn't come soon enough!  Two day trial of 600, 400 cals = epic fail.  I was on track for a comfortable 600 cal day on Friday when husband rang me from work asking if I wanted to meet him to see a movie.  We decided to go and see the new Angelina Jolie film, (hello, thinspo!) after which, dear husband decided that he wanted to take me out - dinner, drinks, the whole nine yards.  It's very hard to ignore a husband sitting opposite you at a romantic candlelit table, beaming with cleverness at his surprise-date-tactics, asking you what you want to eat.  Blergh.  Nothing is what I want to eat.  I ended up choosing the vegetarian option - trying to reduce the damage as much as possible, but 600cal target was clearly blown.

Yesterday was also another day filled with face-stuffing activities.  We own a house by the beach which we currently have rented out.  We had to go down and do some repairs, spending most of the day there.  Of course that meant husband wanted me to get lunch.  He asked for a Subway sandwich "Get me something that you will have a bite of..." So I got him the foot-long roast chicken.  Sinner.  He ate half of it, happily thrusting the other half into my face.  I'm pleased to say I didn't eat all of it, but once again, 400 target for the day was clearly blown.  Getting home, I chowed down of a packed of laxis - two days of gorging is bound to have a negative impact.  The upside was I worked like a dog all day.  My body is clearly aware of the hard work it has done, I've re-discovered muscles I had forgotten even existed, so hopefully the damage which has been done is balanced a tiny bit by the efforts I put in. 

The next four days now hold even more importance than they did before.  After two days of actually eating, I woke up this morning with my traitor body feeling hungry.  I'll have to stay in control and really keep on top of any intake today in particular, just until I can get past the hunger.  Then it will be easy.  Blessedly easy.  I hope.

Dr Ana has placed an order on me - Nil by mouth.

Bless to all,
S xx

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