Friday, August 27, 2010


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!  A small milestone has been reached.  Today my scales showed me a number I haven't seen for a very long time.  It was heartening to welcome back that number, just like walking into the arms of an old dear friend who has been absent for many years. *contented sigh* Happiness abounds, but there is always danger lurking in the shadow of happiness. Now is not the time to be resting on laurels, in fact it is at these times that our complacency can lead us to derailment.  Idle hands are the devils tools, so to speak.

So, how do I reward myself for meeting my old friend the milestone without slipping backwards?  Easy.  Today is Friday.  Friday is beauty day.  Time to indulge my greatest vice, that of Vanity.  Vanity and ana go hand in hand.  The more I look at myself, my skin, my hair, eyes, nails, body, the more motivation I find to keep strong.  To say no to temptation and feel the rush of knowing I have control.  Complete, blessed control.

Last night, I picked up KFC for husband on the way home from work.  I nearly stuck my hand into the box for a chip... It was so tempting.  The salty, crunchy, greasy satisfaction of a hot chip had me salivating... Thankfully, the skinny angel on my shoulder pulled me by the ear and whispered to me: "Think, Sass, think how good you will feel getting home knowing you had the willpower to not do that!  To maintain control!  Think about the number tomorrow..." It worked.  My hands stayed firmly on the wheel, mind bursting with the high of being able to say no.  Bless that skinny angel!

I love my new number.  But it is not the number I'm aiming for, so back to the grindstone I go.  The next milestone will be reached, hopefully, whilst husband is away.  To reach it, I have decided on a course of varying calorie intake, 600 one day, 400 the next, just to keep my metabolism ticking over.  Punctuated of course with regular intervals of exercise.  I'll trial it for a couple of days, if it's a failure, then I have a wonderful four day liquids-only fast to look forward to before the weekend away in Melbourne. For that, I'll have to come up with a cunning plan....

Wish me control :)
Bless to all xx

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  1. Good on you for not giving into the temptation. Shows you are strong and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Good luck with the liquid fast, you can do it :) keep us posted x