Thursday, August 26, 2010


So... I've got a great week coming up.  Husband will be heading overseas on a work trip, hopefully he won't have time for any more *side trips*, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  I feel fairly confident that he won't be able to get much cheating done in the time allocated - he's got meetings booked back to back so far.

The best part about him going away is that I will be alone!  No more watching!  No more cooking dinner each night! Freedom - for four whole days!  Such bliss!  I'm feeling so excited and hopeful about that time, I can't wait to see how I go with the losses!  I'll need it because in exactly one week's time, I'll be in the wars.  By that I mean I have a girlie weekend planned in Melbourne with some dear friends.  For those of you who are not familiar with the city, Melbourne is known in Australia as the culinary capital.  How I'm going to avouid the stares and questions, not to mention actually eating over that weekend will be a true test of strength, planning and cunning. Unfortunately, I won't be taking my MacBook with me, which means no internet access... *eeek*  Reading everybody's blogs and posts is what has been keeping me going over the last few weeks.  Still, I suppose that is what war is.  A blind dash into madness, danger and the unknown sans inspiration and comfort.  God give me strength.

On the upside, yesterday was only marred by a slight slip up at dinner time.  I'd baked a fish pie for Husband, managed to get out of actually eating any of it at the table, but then, as I was putting it away, my devil body picked up a fork and took three swipes of afore-mentioned pie and tratiorously swallowed them down.  Was also busted by Husband, which, in hindsight was probably a good thing.  If he sees me eating something (even if it was the only solid food I'd had all day) then I slip under his radar that little bit more. 

I'm working today which is another lift.  Work = no time to eat. :) Happy face.  Husband and I also decided to take separate cars which means I can get him something disgusting for dinner, (like KFC) which he knows I Don't eat.  To be precise, I would rather be held down and poked in the eye with a hot fork than let that vile stuff defile my body.  Tomorrow will be the teller of today's and yesterday's activities.  Couldn't get on the scales today, but tomorrow, my precoius, tomorrow...

Love and hunger to all,
S xx

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